Taking Care of Cultural Heritage
Conservation Service is a consultancy office specializing in the preservation of Cultural Heritage.
Its purpose is to develop and implement all the means that can expect private collectors and managers of museums, monuments and sites for assistance in collection management, preliminary studies, preventive conservation or emergency response.
Private Collections
Are you an individual, a company or a foundation, a collector or a gallery. ?

If you need assistance in managing your collections Conservation Service is at your disposal to carry out a full audit of their condition and the risks associated with their environment.

Our experience of over thirty years in the service of public collections and our network of skilled professionals enable us to guarantee the best care or conservation services.

We are also available to set up simple and innovative solutions for inventory and risk prevention.
Whether you are in charge of a museum, a monument or a public service of Cultural Heritage we are able to provide you with the best experts for all of your assignments, inventory, care and conservation, since the development of heritage projects through to completion:
- Preliminary studies
- Project management assistance
- Training of technical staff
- Marking items or collections and assistance to the inventory,
- Supply and database maintenance (inventory, tracking, project management)
- Emergency measures in case of disaster,
- Conventional or alternative insecticide and fungicide treatments (anoxic and thermal).
Public Collections
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