After the rescue of the Parlement de Bretagne, Roch Payet has been involved in many emergency situations:
A propos
Earthquake at L'Aquila - April 2009
Emergency measures in case of disaster
Article about L'Aquila in the magazine "Patrimoine"
International Forum on risks for Cultural Heritage (July 2014)
Risk management (Istituto Veneto - May 2013)
Workshop at L'Aquila (Italy, 2009)
Drying wood after a disaster
1994 Flood at the the Calvet Museum Reserves
1997 Fire at the Familistère Godin Guise Museum
1997 Fire in the Chambery Castle
1998 Church St. Thégonnec Fire
2003 Fire in the Luneville Castle
2004 Fire in the Mesnières Castle of Bray
2009 L'Aquila earthquake
2015 Training for safeguarding the Syrian heritage (UNESCO)
Conservation Service is a consultancy office specializing in the preservation of Cultural Heritage.
Its purpose is to develop and implement all the means that can expect private collectors and managers of museums, monuments and sites for assistance in collection management, preliminary studies, preventive conservation or emergency response.
Taking Care of Cultural Heritage